Build your dream deck of heroes!

Welcome to Rivenlands—an enthralling universe filled with monsters and magic, where a chess board-like grid is your battleground. As a newly fledged tactician, you’ll strategize from a bird’s eye perspective over the battlefield, watch your units battle it out, and explore an ever-changing fantasy world with thousands of playable combinations!

Our game delivers the ultimate hero battle RPG experience. Collect and merge fantasy units; combine their skills and stats to create brilliant synergies and tactics.

But beware—no battle is ever the same! An army made up of Dragons might not fare so well against fire-resistant foes, so you’ll need to adapt and improvise to dominate each battlefield. Fight with valor or use rogue tactics to outsmart and vanquish your opponents—forge your own path to victory!


● Build a mighty army of heroes, then use them to forge a path into the epic unknown.
● Fuse and upgrade your units as you progress through the story.
● Customize your deck to fit your playstyle.
● Set off on the path to conquest—explore, experiment, and eviscerate!


● Choose your units and their formations, then watch them battle it out themselves on the board!
● An easy-to-use and addictive combat system with thousands of possible combinations—play your way!
● Master the classes and unit synergies. Put your tactics to the test in every battle.


● Nothing stays the same—the maps and enemy forces are constantly shifting, presenting new challenges, unearthing new artifacts, and bringing new allies.
● Explore vast landscapes, ranging from mountain ranges to plains and mythical forests.
● Each map is like your own raid instance. Each raid will yield rewards and spoils of war for your efforts.
● Discover the long-lost secrets of a unique and rich world.

Begin your legend as a master tactician—reach out into the unknown for glory!


APK: https://apkcombo.com/rivenlands/com.Rivenlands.dev/

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