Rise of The Dragon

The game brings a magical journey for the players. The screen is made with a 3D engine. All the scenes are depicted by excellent cartoon painting techniques. The world-class masters design European and American characters based on magic characters. The static picture of the game is very beautiful, the dynamic performance during the battle is still good, the various skill effects and the action of fighting are very smooth, and the feeling of gorgeous without losing the passion is very fascinating.
Each of the four majors has their own strengths
The game provides players with four occupations, namely Paladin, Assassin, Berserker, and Master. Each of the four majors has their own strengths. You can choose according to your own preferences. The characters in the game are very simple. Unlike the character system that is so complicated in many games, every hero in this game can wear equipment, and these equipments are presented in the form of cards, which looks more magical.

Equipment skill card form display
Although most of the time the game is played automatically, there are also some active release skills. Each hero has active and passive skills. These skills are also presented in the form of cards in the task attributes, and look at them. Background, the feeling of using 3D film and television to set the equipment and skills into the appearance of the card, so that the game has a new visual experience, but also more intuitive to choose them.
Summon Guards to fight together
The game is mainly based on adventure. There are not many buttons on the whole panel. The system content is quite simple. Many online games have enough functions on the panel to fill half of the screen. In the game, although we can’t team players, we can summon “”small partners”” to help ourselves, use the method of extracting cards to get other heroes, and by playing a small partner, you can superimpose his attributes on our heroes. To make customs clearance easier.”

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