Reign of War

4 Races, 50 Heroes, Real-time Chessboard Gameplay

Reign of War is the ultimate fantasy-themed Battle Chess + War Strategy game, the latest release from the makers of War and Magic, published by Clash of Kings developer Elex. You will lead ancient, powerful creatures to seize territory and become a ruler of legendary renown in the world of Kelaria.

Kelaria was once ruled by a race of High Elves for thousands of years, when suddenly, it was struck by a giant meteor. To save their world, the High Elves unleashed a forbidden magic, but they were in turn imprisoned underground as Fallen Elves. Hundreds of years passed… The location is now guarded over by the Elves of the Gaia Tree, but the warlike Orcs wish to break this balance and release the Fallen Elves…

This time, you are a king of the humans, and you will choose among Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, and other Humans to forge an oath between the races. Train soldiers, learn ancient magic, and develop outstanding generals. Create a mighty alliance as you rebuild your kingdom. Summon unimaginably powerful creatures, such as Mermaids, Pegasuses, Titans, and even Dragons! Strategize and defeat the evil Fallen Elves! Become the new ruler of Kaleria!

**Game Features**
1. Real-Time Battle Chess
– No more passively waiting for results. Battle Chess puts you right in the action. Use strategy, skill, and timing to turn the tide of battle!
– Capitalize on strengths and exploit weaknesses. Counter Melee units with Ranged. Use Flame Magic against Treants. Let the battle of wits begin!
– Vie for control and seize your moments. Each choice can determine the battle’s final outcome!

2. Multiple Fantasy Races
– Humans, Orcs, Elves and Dwarves — choose a race to forge an oath with and conquer the world together!
– Ancient neutral creatures: Dragons, Gnomes, Mer-People, Ogres, Unicorns, and Mercenaries for hire, all yours for the choosing!

3. Hero System
– Collect over 50 legendary heroes from 4 different races, each with one-of-a-kind abilities.
– Each race has their own heroes. Select the most unique to fight for your chosen race!
– Level up and enhance these heroes, and win great fame in this fantasy world.

4.Varied Troop Combinations
– Each race has distinctive soldier types. Like Tanks? Then choose from Elven Treants, Dwarf Shielders, and Human Knights!
– Optimize your squad with the best mix of Tanks and DPS units.
– Go for an all-out attack with high-ATK/low-DEF Wolf Riders. Blitz the enemy off the battlefield.
– Go for a blend of Nature Elf Mages and Human wizards, and control the battlefield with magic.
– All kinds of bold strategies are waiting for you to discover.

5. Unrestricted Troop Marching
– Give commands to your troops on-the-fly as they march. No waiting for them to return to the city!
– Scout enemies, team up with allies, and wipe them out in one fell swoop! No more wasted time! Experience the strategic freedom of a true commander!

6. Absolute City Building Freedom
– Place all buildings wherever you want! Design a unique city all your own!

7. Alliance System
– Help out and get help from allies. Different races can form even more powerful alliances.
– Enjoy tons of convenient alliance features to always keep your allies close.
– Get help learning advanced Magic from your more powerful allies.
– Team up with players from around the world and let your names echo far and wide throughout Kaleria!

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