Rappelz M SEA

One of the best RPG games is now available on Mobile! RAPPELZ M, a full-featured 3D MMORPG set in a lush fantasy world. Experience greatness on the palm of your hands!

Classic PC Adaptation
Whether you’re new or coming back to Gaia, you’ll have no problems picking up the game and playing.

In-depth character customization cptions
With in-depth customization options, Rappelz M provides you with various choices to make a character that’s unique to you. With different characters to suit your gameplay and various in-game items with different attributes, it’s easy to play Rappelz the way you want to play it while lookin’ good!

Exciting dungeon battles
30 dungeons, 30 Quests, and at least 6 servers set for public battles await you. So gather up with your friends for your legendary fantasy!

Tame, Ride and Transform into Creatures
With determination and a bit of luck, you can make any monster in Rappelz M into your loyal companion in the game- yes, even [high-tier monster]!

Dive into adventure in the wondrous world of Gaia!


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