Rageball League

Football is back with RAGEBALL LEAGUE – the only 2v2 real-time soccer game !

Welcome to the arcade-style soccer mayhem.
You asked for an adrenaline-filled sport game? Rageball is here to deliver!

Rageball features fast-paced multiplayer matches in 2 players versus players in real-time. It combines soccer, rugby, and brawling to enjoy even bigger victories with friends!
Get ready, stretch your fingers and enter the stadium with your teammates.

Team up with a friend to smash your opponents with brutal moves and pass the ball to your teammate as you aim to score in the enemy Goal Zone! This all takes place in matches that only last a few minutes!

Unlock a set of unique Rageballers, each with their own abilities: Shoot explosive balls, dig underground to dodge attacks, cast energy storms, or use jogo bonito to quickly surpass opponents… Nothing is off-limits when becoming the champ!

• 4 PLAYERS: ONLY 1 victorious team and a unique star player
• REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER: Show players all around the world who’s boss!
• 100% SKILL-BASED: Non-stop action gameplay where skill is all that matters!
• MANY GAME MODES TO TRY OUT: There are several ways to victory! Score a maximum of goals, keep the possession of the ball the longest, or try out the Dodgeball new game mode! Hit your enemies to take home the victory.
• MIND-BLOWING POWERS & SPECIAL COMBOS: Master the unique skills of a wide roster of Ragers!
• TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS: Match up with other players and friends to deliver unbeatable strategies and outsmart your opponents!
• LEADERBOARDS: Score a maximum of victories and oints to climb up the leaderboards.

RAGEBALL is a constantly growing, community-centric game. Get involved in our active Discord community, where players chat with the developers about the evolution of the game, upcoming new features, and share strategies and tips.

As the game is just in beta, your voice will help shape RAGEBALL!


APK: https://apkcombo.com/rageball-league/game.rageball/

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