Racing Heroes

Become the ultimate racing hero in Racing Heroes!

Racing Heroes is a fun, fast-paced arcade racing game. Team up with your friends or go solo as you race it out in online matches. Advance your way through the leagues and seasonal battle pass to earn cool rewards for your vehicles and characters!

Real-Time Multiplayer PVP Racing
Compete against your friends or other players in this fast and frantic PVP racing game! The races are in real time so you can bash, smash and crash into your opponents and race to first place!

?‍?‍?‍? Invite Your Friends To Play!
In Racing Heroes it is easy and quick to set up a race party for you and your friends to join. Clicking the plus button on the home screen allows you to find your room code to share with your friends to then join! It has never been easier to get racing!

Use Amazing Gadgets And Power-Ups!
Each new car and racer you unlock has their own new gadget and power-up to use. Use Bolt’s power-up ‘Ram’ to smash into opponents and gain extra boost for each player you hit and then use his gadget to drive through lightning bolts to get a speed boost! Race and discover the other gadgets and power-ups!

Unique Cars & Upgrades
While you progress through the bronze, silver and gold leagues you gain the ability to unlock new epic cars to drive. Use coins won from racing to upgrade your vehicles improving the performance of the cars and also the skills and gadgets of the racer!

Customize Your Car And Character!
Style your character and car with different colours and skins. Pick from a variety of combinations to help make your racing hero stand out from the crowd!

Race In Daily Time-Trial Events
Compete daily in new race events, the better you do the more crowns you unlock to buy exclusive items from the shop!

⛰️ Race On Epic Tracks In Colourful Locations!
Boost your way through a variety of epic race tracks that zoom along beaches, market places and even a race track with falling boulders that can smash into you and your opponents!

Jump, Boost, Drift & Win!
With your driving skills, drift rounds corners, boost past opponents and jump over them to seize victory! Use all the advantages you have to race to the finish line!

This is an early build so please send us feedback or report any bugs you may find to


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