PvPets.io – Tank Battle Royale

In this world tanks shoot a lot, have special abilities and are piloted by cute pets, so download this free io game, jump in your tank and brawl your way to the stars in high scores!

Shoot enemy tanks on your way to PvP victory. Collect armor, gun and ammo upgrades in hideouts or loot them from your foes and make your tank the ultimate weapon of destruction (but in a funny and cute way).

Unlock new tanks (a lot of them!) by playing the game and customize your favorite one the way you like it.

Play with your friends in this fair free io game. Forget pay to win with PvPets.io!

● First true mobile tank BATTLE ROYALE game. 20 players start, but only one survives at the end.
● Fast-paced shooting io game. Get in and out within minutes.
● Powerful special abilities to unlock and master.
● Thousands of customization combinations. Select one of many skins, pilots and gun attachments and be unique on the PvP battlefield.
● Most famous and cool tanks in the world and a lot more of them added every week. Jump in your Abrams, Tiger or T-34 and win in Battle Royale.
● Coop with friends and survive together.
● Fair PvP gameplay where only your tactics and skill matter.
● Special events and epic updates on a constant basis.

DOWNLOAD now and survive in PvPets.io – Tank Battle Royale!

Android Download►https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iugome.popcorn

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