Project Zero Deaths

Stunning and fun physics based multiplayer shooter game.

Join Team vs Team multiplayer battles and prove that you are a true Hero leading your team to the victory. Pick special weapons in the map and use them smart way to outplay your opponents.

Use your rewards carefully to research new weapon technologies or make your Hero more powerful. Save enough and unlock other Heroes to explore different play styles. Join your friends to create unbeatable team!

Customize your Hero and show-off epic looks together with your epic skills. New skins/accessories every week!

  • 4 team based game modes: harvest, bombing run, capture the flag and payload!
  • 5 characters to play with, each with unique special ability!
  • 25+ different weapons!
  • 12 exciting maps!
  • Tons and tons of upgrades and skins!
  • And a whole lot of fun!

Android Download►

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