Project Exodus

[Project Exodus] is an innovative cyberpunk tower defense game. This game allows you to play at your own pace, without the constant need to log in, yet still gives you an immersive story that will captivate you from the moment you step foot in the world. This isn’t your typical tower defense game. Project Exodus brings a dark and mysterious world to light with you, the player, in control.
Upon starting the game, players embark on a thrilling journey in a hi-tech fallen dystopia, deploying various heroes and utilizing their abilities to defend the city from an imminent invasion. When the story ends, when you discover the truth, you may find this world isn’t what you think…

– Challenging Strategy
Unlimited hero pairings: Stealth, Life Leech, Acceleration… Each hero has their own unique skills that are constantly changing.
There are hundreds of different battle terrains, each with their own special equipment that heroes can activate to provide unique effects.
Arrange your defenses, prepare your strategies, and let them come…
Face the new Nightmare Mode; A more formidable challenge with double the difficulty.

– Exciting Competition
There’s a game mode for everyone: a variety of PVP gameplay, including the Arena, the Summit Arena, Battle of the Gods, Temple War, and more…
Challenge other players in real-time and experience fast-paced, heart-pumping combat. Turning the tides of battle is now easier than ever before!

– Valiant Heroes
Regardless of their tier, all heroes can increase their power with the Limit Break system!
Everyone can dominate on the battlefield. Choose your favorite hero and build them up to become the strongest!
Collect Legendary heroes and claim massive amounts of diamonds for free!

– Idle Adventure
Never worry about grinding for gear and upgrades again. Upgrade materials will accumulate while you are offline, so every second of your adventure can be spent exploring the world and destroying your enemies.
Relax your hands and free up your time. Play whenever and wherever you want, and never worry about falling behind again.

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