Play God!

The world was at peace and God was taking a nice nap after centuries of hard work. But the ever tormented Devil wouldn’t just let that happen. Hating the idea of God being at peace, he decides to Unleash his fury on God’s world, destroying everything. God is angry, in pain and a lot of trouble.

Play God is a free game that puts you in God’s shoes. Share God’s burden and help him solve problems that came with Devil’s attack.

Traverse through lovely environments, visit broken structures and restore peace as you travel along your world. The path, however, is treacherous! Devil will do everything in his power to make sure you fail at your tasks. He’ll use his minions and try to stop you in every step of your adventure. Overcome the hurdles and help God rebuild his precious world.


Play God is a puzzle game at its core. Join the blocks to form bigger chunks and use them to repair the broken structures.


Play God is suited to people that love playing puzzle games and travel globally! We’ve added elements from all over the world!

Get your traveling hat on and fix the entire world with God’s help. Play God at your home, school, subways or in between your travels. Download now!


• Low poly scenic Art style.
• Featuring renowned monuments you know and love.
• Spanning Over 7 chapters and 150 handcrafted levels.
• Accompanied by custom-made ambient soundtracks and a whimsical storyline.
• Overcome numerous challenges and gain achievements that come along with new chapters.
• AND some hidden surprise for those that reach chapter 3.

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