Plan of Attack: Build Your Kingdom & Dominate

Plan of Attack is a tactical Strategy game where you can show off your tactical and strategic skills. Choose, equip and level up your heroes so they can lead your troops and bring you many victories! Strategically build your kingdom to withstand attacks from other players, wage wars with other player’s kingdoms and grow your empire. Carefully plan every one of your attacks and start your epic conquering quest! There can only be one winner! 

PLAN OF ATTACK Key Features: 
1. Level up your Unique Heroes!
20+ unique heroes with different species and classes are available! Choose the heroes wisely that fit your gaming style. Tanks, rangers, mages, elves, humans and much more are available for you! Level them up, customize and equip them with the most powerful gear and they’ll help you and your troops take over the world!

2. Customize everything in your hands! 
Plan unique battle strategies by playing with countless combinations of heroes and troops! Let’s build your unique sign of fear for everyone!

3. Defense matters!
Tactically build the construction of your defense structure in your own way to make your castle the undefeatable one! Only the winner can stand! 

4. Begin the Epic Guild War!
Forge powerful alliances with other players or wage wars with them! Let’s start an epic guild war and fight against the real players around the globe!

5. Bring victory to your kingdom!
Play through the campaigns mode and bring the victor back to your kingdom! Are you up for the challenge from our advanced A.I.? 

Choose your heroes, plan your attacks and start your epic journey to create an unbeatable kingdom!
Download our free to play, real-time strategy game Plan of Attack Now!


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