Ping-Pong Star : World Slam

Let’s play Ping Pong! Variety table tennis action against the world!

An intense table tennis action that shakes the earth shaft! Authentic action table tennis! Ping Pong Star 2! Build your own team with cute and charming characters to make a strong smash to your opponent Become the world’s best table tennis team!

[Game Features]
▶League against the world
It’s a match with table tennis players from all over the world. Only ping-pong skills can prove you!

▶Live events without boredom
Live events full of challenges Challenge now and play Ping Pong

▶An intense smashing sensation
From sub, drive, cuts to full-fledged Ping Pong skills Hitting feeling that pops from fingertips!

▶Attractive Players and Ping Pong equipment
Unique players and equipment that exist only in table tennis Create your best team with your players and equipment!

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