Petventures – Animal Stories

A NEW game from Tivola! Welcome to the beautiful mountain valley, where you can live together with lots of different animals in peace and harmony. Care for, feed and pet the animals to gain their trust. Train with them and discover their unique personalities and stories. Zanda, the little red panda, is here to help guide you through the game. A game full of mini adventures!

49 UNIQUE CHARACTERS – Furry, scaly or feathery, the mountain valley is a safe home for both wild animals and household pets. Meet each cute visitor’s needs and make friends with them. Their unique stories await!

EXCITING CHALLENGES – There’s so much to do! Unlock new animals, gain their trust and train them for shared adventures. Take care of them with resources from your garden and pond. Hidden treasures await that help you upgrade the mountain valley to make space for even more friends.

MAKE THE WORLD A LITTLE BIT BETTER – The mountain valley is the ideal refuge for all animals. Mountains, rivers and green meadows give your friends freedom and everything they need to live happily ever after. Send your animals on expeditions to reforest the woods, rebuild dams and more.

GET TO KNOW THE ANIMALS – Each animal has their own story. Discover more about their past by forming closer bonds with them. Both beautiful and tragic animal stories await and are recorded in a scrapbook.


? Discover the mountain valley

? Take care of cute animals

✨ Meet rare animals

❤️ Gain their trust

? Train animals

? Send them on expeditions

? Unlock their stories

? Make your own food

Start playing Petventures today!

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