Pet Resort

Welcome to Pet Resort! Experience the most exciting pet story, adopt pets and take care of your furry friends in this match3 puzzle game!

Emma is a dog lover and she just bought a building to renovate and build the dream of her life: a resort for dogs. A paradise garden all dogs dream of and where they could live in care and with all kinds of attention. Help Emma in this dog story solving puzzles to make her dream comes true and renovate this building to be the best resort for dogs ever. The way you have to help her is simple: play match3 levels and solve puzzles to earn stars to complete the open tasks which makes the garden a better place for dogs. Start by clean the garden, build habitats with a dog house, feed dogs, play with them… definitely, make the most of the backyard garden for dogs playing match3 levels and solving puzzles.

Meet all the characters of this community in this dog story while you play match3 puzzles and help them with their dogs. The better you do playing match3 and solving puzzles the more people will trust you to leave their dogs with you to care them. Play this casual game, build a dog resort and complete the puzzle levels to reach your objective.

Play hundreds of levels of the most charming match3 puzzle game and earn stars to complete the tasks which make you to follow the story of this dog resort. Build and expand your dogs’ paradise and watch your happy four-legged friends play all day long! Start by renovate the garden, building habitats for dogs and make it the place all dogs dream of.

There are so many dogs waiting to someone to take care of them and also to be adopted! Emma needs a person who help her to build this paradise for dogs and it could be you. If you are a dog lover you must play this casual match3 and puzzle game.


– Fun and bright match3 levels with colorful HD graphics.
– Special boosters and power-ups to make easier solve puzzles!
– Win coins and earn starts to complete tasks and follow the story.
– Play games with your dogs and watch them interact with you.
– Unlock and renovate different areas where host your furry friends.
– Costume the dogs with your favorite outfit.
– Follow the story of this community.
– Complete the tasks to renovate the building.


– Match at least three same color tiles.
– Match 4 in a row to get a special booster as a rocket to blast a whole tile row.
– By matching 4 in square you will get a bomb to blast an area around it.
– Get a dog ball matching 5 tiles to clear all tile of the same color.
– Earn starts by complete levels and solve puzzles.
– Use the stars to complete tasks and follow the story.
– Renovate the garden and build habitats for dogs.

You will build a habitat for each dog in this resort and on each habitat, the dog will feel comfortable. Help the puppy dogs to solve every puzzle and take care of them in this match3 story game! Prepare the backyard of the resort for all dogs.

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