Ode to Alchemist: Myth AFK RPG

Hey, A mythical alchemical world opened, fulling of dangers and unknown creatures. The mighty heroes lost their minds due to the evil power and became Eidolons. You, as the pathfinder, are fated to find Sage’s Stone to purify the world. During the adventure, Train yourself and find your partners to fight for your homeland.

Game Features

Powerful Partners and Yourself, You Are Not Alone
Collect 50+ heroes from 6 factions through gacha collection. Assemble balanced teams of Mage, Support, Assassin, Tank, and Warrior to defeat any enemies.
What’s more, Level up and strengthen yourself to increase your Attributes and Skills. You will be the solid backing for your Heroes team. And increase favorability between you and your heroes is also a good way to become powerful.

Customize a HERO’s Skills as YOUR Like
Finish the Alchemy Rode to unlock Void Beast. The skills of Void Beast depends on you. You can combine different skills from different heroes to create your exclusive Void hero.

IDLE RPG, One-click to Have Fun
Auto-battle, AFK Rewards and unique dreamy Mobile Castle incomes are all to spend less time grinding and more time exploring. Level up your castle and Deploy your heroes on the castle to speed up resource production. Never be afraid of lacking resources to upgrade yourself and heroes.

Enjoy Multiple and Strategy Gameplay Modes
Progress through the Main Stage to fight the evil force. Climb the Holy Spirit tower to get plentiful rewards. Explore the Wicked Forest to get the Big Treasure Chest. Accept Dehamer Trial to prove your power, etc. So many modes are waiting for your to explore. Make strategic decisions and equip your heroes to aid them in these modes.

Full of Competition and Friendship
Go head-to-head with other players in fierce combat. Make full use of the faction restriction, strategic formation and Power up your team to fight for Glory in the Arena. Join guild to cooperate with your guild members to conquer guild hunt, expeditions, etc. Earn enough resources to increase your power. Invite your friends’ heroes to challenge team mode of Elemental Fantasy.

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