Nonstop Knight 2

Nonstop Knight 2 is finally here! Jump into battle and explore exciting dungeons. Slay hordes of monsters, defeat epic bosses and collect awesome loot. Download for free now!

Nonstop Knight 2 ushers in a new era of action RPG, bringing you the full action role playing experience onto mobile which you loved in classic roleplaying or hack ‘n slash games. Smash monsters in short sessions, raid dungeons on the go, team up with other players or fight monsters and bosses alone. 

Discover worlds full of adventures: fight your way through the jungle, survive the desert, gear up to explore the arctic vault and progress all the way to the arcane dungeons. Kill hilarious monsters, loot piles of coin, weapons and gear. 

New in Nonstop Knight 2:
– Item Sets: Known and loved in classic RPGs, you can now collect armor sets in Nonstop Knight 2. Armor sets give you outstanding set bonuses.
– Extended Equipment: Equip your hero with helmet, gloves, chest armor, boots and cloak
– Ranged and melee weapons: You can now also use ranged weapons like the Scepter or Wand. Or you stick to melee weapons like the Sword, Blade, Hammer or Axe. Depending on your playstyle!
– Playing style: Leveling your knight unlocks new skills: Cleave your way through hordes as a melee knight or cast blizzards or rolling flames as a ranged damage dealer. 
– Skills: Your primary, secondary and ultimate skills are either fire or ice skills. Decide and level wisely!
– Talents: Find fire and ice talents in chests. Choosing different talents will alter your playing style.
– Play with friends: To master some of the many dungeons choose a companion to raid by your side.
– Graphics: Stunning 3D graphics

New game modes:
– Diverse dungeons: Play your hero in different settings. From jungle heat, via the wasteland, through dark castles and the deadly desert. You don’t ascent your Hero anymore, the progress is continuously.
– Survival mode: Face hordes of enemies coming in waves. Survive more waves to earn greater rewards.
– Play with allies: Choose a companion to fight by your side and assist you in the challenging battles.
– Battle against the time: Enter shard portals, defeat enemies and collect as many shards from them as possible.

Start off in the Newbie Castle, progress through the Jagged Jungle, fight your way through the Volcanic Forge, pass the Wicked Wilds and eventually reach the Elemental Conflux after many more worlds that are to be discovered. Fight through hordes of monsters and defeat challenging bosses to gain chests with armor, weapons, skills and talents. In Nonstop Knight 2 you don’t ascent your Hero anymore, the progress is continuously. Nonstop Knight 2 now gives you the experience from classic RPG games you used to play in the past. Play anytime, anywhere, log in for short sessions or take some time for epic dungeon grinding.

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