Neopets: Island Builders

A mysterious storm has destroyed the Neopian region of Dacardia, and the local Neopets need your help to rebuild their island…

Welcome to Neopets: Island Builders!

Neopets: Island Builders is a unique blend of city-building, resource gathering and pet care. Collect resources to rebuild your own unique town! As a town builder, you’ll create buildings, decorations, and special attractions with the help of your Neopets. As you make progress through the game, you’ll see your town grow into a thriving community as you expand into new territories.

Along the way, you’ll uncover the secrets of the island with the help of strange and fun characters. How was the region destroyed? Dive into the secrets of Dacardia with a new, mysterious plot set in the Neopets universe.

While you’re taking a break from building, play with your Neopets! Feed them delicious omelettes, customize them with accessories and paintbrushes, and build unique structures for them to interact with. Playing the game with friends? You’ll be able to visit their islands, as well as trade with them for items and resources.

BUILD YOUR TOWN: As a town planner, create cozy homes, sturdy workshops, elegant restaurants, green parks, and more! Create and landscape your town however you want with a variety of trees, stores, and statues. 70+ pieces of furniture and 100+ items are available for your town planning needs, and more will be added with future updates!

CRAFT TOOLS: Create and use tools to gather resources, craft beautiful decorations, and make unique hats and colorful paintbrushes!

COLLECT AND CUSTOMIZE PETS: Meet and recruit different Neopets to help you rebuild Dacardia! Each species you’ll encounter has its very own set of traits and personalities. When they’re not helping you build, dress up your pets with a huge collection of classy, snazzy, sleek-looking hats!

TRADE WITH FRIENDS: Trade for rare items with your friends and visit each other’s towns!

EXPAND YOUR COMMUNITY: As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to build your towns in different regions, uncovered by playing through the game’s story. New areas will be added with each update.

INVESTIGATE MYSTERIES: With the help of exciting new characters, discover the mystery behind the storm that destroyed Dacardia. Was it caused by a natural disaster, or was something more sinister at work…? Experience the twists and turns of an all-new storyline, set in the Neopets universe!

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