Moomin: Puzzle & Design

Welcome to Moominvalley – the beautiful and enchanting home of the lovable Moomin characters! Nestled in this idyllic valley, the Moomins’ home is peaceful and picturesque, but after a long winter (which Moomintroll has slept through in its entirety), the valley is ready to bloom again. Follow the adventurous Moomintroll in a captivating storyline as you solve puzzles and decorate the surroundings!

Moominvalley is waiting!
– Discover the magical world of the Moomins!
– Meet all of the famous Moomin characters from Tove Jansson’s classic books.
– Follow a unique Moomin storyline.
– Fix up the Moomins’ garden and decorate the perfect Moominvalley!

Playing is easy!
– Solve tap-to-match puzzles to complete levels.
– Tap to clear the matchables.
– Clear 4 or more matchables to make a powerful booster.
– Combine boosters to clear even more matchables.
– Play tons of unique levels with different challenges.
– Complete the toughest levels with boosters, combos, and puzzle-solving skills!

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