Monster Quest: Seven Sins

Thousands of years ago, a huge force detonated the universe, and the Original Hero King left the only relic-the Emperor’s Tome Shard, which sealed the power of creation and destruction.
The legendary fated one will come to Aurora and experience the dramatic story surrounding the relic.

Game Features:

▶ Over 100 unique monsters to collect
– Collect through the story as well as Augmented Reality capture to create your dream team!
– Combine genes, talents and abilities to upgrade power.

▶ 200+ skills ready for battle!
– Enjoy stunning 3D visual effects.
– A dynamic combat system awaits~

▶ Endless evolution, unlimited strategy
– Evolve into your ultimate potential.
– Employ a multitude of strategies with different monster attributes!

▶ A dramatic story of seven sins
– Dive deep into the epic story through seven sins.
– Fight against Duster to save the world of Aurora.

▶ Varied dungeons, full of thrilling adventure
– Well-designed BOSS, PVE, PVP dungeons to challenge.
– Show your courage and skill to acquire abundant loot.

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