Monster Legion is an extreme brain-burning automatic turn based masterpiece, with hundreds of growing routes and thousands of skill combinations. The core idea of Monster Legion is “unique”. There is no strongest monster, only the most appropriate strategy! In the mean time, this game integrates RPG, adventure, puzzles, mazes and so many interesting gameplays. 

Collect cells in this world to create monsters, the powerful mutation monsters are waiting for you! Besides, Evolution and Merge System is also an important part, high risk with high rewards. Go create an unique inconceivable monster as your pet by your own hands.

This is a free platform for monsters trading. Dominators can easily sell or buy monsters in this platform. It’s about time to get rich, enjoy the fun of free trading while playing the game!

There are so many gameplays in Monster Legion. Adventure mode, Story mode and the essential Food Chain. All these contents require your brain more than your money and will never be “pay to win”.

You are not alone! You can find so many Monster Legion fans as you in this world. Build a tribe to fight together! Besides, resource is a very important thing in this world. Defeat other tribes and take their resource in the Tribe War! Whose tribe will be the most powerful tribe in Monster Legion? Let’s wait and see!

This mysterious world is waiting for you to discover. Here we are, in Monster Legion! Come train an unstoppable lineup that belongs to your own! Let’s stand together, fight together!

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