Metropolis: Idle Tycoon

Looking for idle games or resource management games to be the top mining tycoon ever? Play Metropolis, put your managers to work and become the ruling magnate of your city. Unlock & build mining stations to produce more resources automatically without ever having to collect! ??
We offer you one of the top idle miner games or idle tycoon games so you get the scope to collect resources for your factory production. This noir game brings you underground cities full of golds & resources. You just have to place mines with strategic plans to boost them and earn revenue. Manage buildings and idle resources and earn enough money to upgrade productions. Bring your Metropolis city back to its former glory with automated mine production. Expand your city with more factories and give productivity a boost! ⚒️
Metropolis is an idle resource management simulator or an idle industrial simulation game that mixes smelting, crafting, and resource management to earn profit and advance your city. Our idle tycoon game aims to build you an empire and optimize resources to gain more productivity.

Become a pro manager at multitasking and prioritize workflow to keep a constant flow of idle revenue – craft recipes, smelt raw resources into bars.
⚒️Key features of Metropolis⚒️
Amazing Animation and Design:
If you are looking for mining games tycoon or drilling games with fantastic graphics, try Metropolis – with it’s retro design.
Simple yet Addictive
The unique gameplay of this idle games tycoon will keep you going for hours. Your mine collection is automated – you don’t have to manually collect any resources, but make sure to have enough to keep your smelting and crafting buildings going.

Become a wealthy Magnate

This mining simulator allows you to become a tycoon from the past. Profit from selling your items at the right time – even boost your warehouse to increase the amount of coins you receive when you sell! Mine for over 15 different resources: coal, copper, gold & more.

Our game is free and if you need mining games offline or tycoon games offline, you can play our idle tycoon simulator game offline.

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