Merge Go

Download and Play Merge Go here:

Special Code to use in game for a surprise!!! : 5OGLPLAY

This is a fun adventure about synthesis and cultivation! Merge Go! will create an exclusive developmental gameplay experience for all collectors, eliminate the thrill of fun, and immerse yourself in the magic world!

Drag cute monsters, three in one, five in two, fast advancement! In addition, all creatures on the entire island are waiting for you to help them merge and evolve!

Abundant ways to break through stages, adventures, and unions. This must be a contest of courage and strategy. Come and challenge it!

Game features:

– slide your fingertips, merge 3 can into 1, Items on the entire island can be collected, synthesized, evolved, and unlocked.

– Join the Union, lead the strongest monsters under your command, challenge the evil BOSS

– Build the strongest lineup to start plundering and grab resources in other people’s main scenes

– Hundreds of monsters with different attributes, smart and cute, hand-painting style, immerse yourself in the magical world.

– Players from all over the world chat together, exchange gameplay, and make friends

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