Mecha Planeteer

Deep in the Universe, ambitions swell and bloat. Intrigues penetrate through light-years. Battles fire up everywhere, with all vying for supremacy in the Universe. Which civilization will be the final conqueror? And who will be the Lord of the Universe? Make strategies to explore your planet, build bases, train high-tech Mecha Warriors, and start your marvelous space journey!

Good news is that humanity has spread all over the Universe. All the civilizations boom with the troves and riches uncovered in the unknown galaxies and wormholes. However, resources are limited, even in the infinite Universe. The world has again splintered into disparate factions to rival for resources and expansion. An interstellar war could be triggered at any moment.

As a professional planeteer, you’ve received the quest for human’s glory and splendor. You can explore unknown planets to expand human civilization. To achieve your goals, you can research new technology, build various space stations, and train powerful mecha troops for a potential interstellar war.

You want to blast the Universe? Get your laser gun ready and start your space legend!


* Various mystic sites waiting to be unlocked. You can explore unknown wormholes, stellar, galaxies, and other spectacular places in the Universe.

* Powerful Mecha Warriors at your service. Various kinds of Mecha Troops with high-tech equipment and intimidating power are ready for you. Battle your way through the glory with them!

* Research to unlock advanced technology and various bonuses. According to the Jungle Law, whoever grasps the most advanced technology could be the final conqueror of the Universe.

* Build space stations of various functions to prosper your planets. You are the founder of the planet. Make good strategies to develop the wasteland.


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