Master of Wills

Master of Wills is unlike any game you have played before. It will test your skills, instincts and mind. Set in a beautiful cyberpunk world opposing players choose which Faction best suits their play-style. MOW doesn’t rely solely on your Faction cards but also on your ability to manipulate the movements of the shared Community cards resulting in an epic “Tug of War”.

MOW is easy to learn but difficult to master making it a must play for casual and strategic gamers worldwide. The board is set with three rows on each side (Recruits, Loyalists, and Allies) and a neutral area in the middle. Your objective is to move as many Community member cards to your side by the end of the game while using Faction cards in your hand to manipulate and influence the cards and game. The points earned for each player on their side will determine who is the Master of Wills.

The first four Factions are available to choose from which are Alphaguard, Razorcorp, Dawnlight, and Shadowcell and they were known as the core factions. The next four “Fringe Factions” will be added in the future which includes Cloudecho, Edgehunter, Bloodcrown, and Waterborne. 

Alphaguard was the first official faction to form as the need arose to protect the citizens from the rising tide of criminal activity. The law enforcers were becoming overwhelmed and the governments underwhelming response left the city on edge. Backed by elite law enforcers and ex-military soldiers, many of the strongest fighters in the city would join the Alphaguard. Although their goal of order seemed genuine, the power to control things through force was still not widely accepted by the masses.

Razorcorp controlled the flow of money. They were generally disliked as are most major corporations but there was good reason to consider them villainous. Although they were full of legitimate enterprises, they operated or had their hand in many of the illegal ones as well. They used all their power and wealth to buy controlling interests in land and property while gaining technological advances in weaponry. They bought and paid off whoever they needed. They held other corporations hostage in their business dealings as their massive conglomerate took over the city. 

Dawnlight was formed out of a desire to bring those with strong spiritual believes together but turned out to be much more than that. They used their donations to enhance their physical features through technology as their core beliefs told them that they would one day become angels. Their members began to add mechanical wings, halos, and other angelic features to their bodies as a way to advance towards their gods. Their faction needed a holy war to fight and other factions were making it easy for them to declare them sinners. Dawnlight could be considered more of a cult by the community.

As the other three Factions made themselves visible to the world, there were others who wanted to take control in a more low key fashion. Shadowcell was spawned as an almost vigilante group who used deception as their modus operandi. They worked exclusively with the underground members of the community to trade in secrets. They played the spy game and used their stealth to rule the darkness. Shadowcell was the closest thing to an independent intelligence agency operating in the black.

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