Marblelous Animals My safari

Do you want a fun and cute adventure game? You’ll be in charge of leading these chubby animals to their home!

Complete all the levels of the safari and collect all the chubby animals

Play Marblelous animals for free, a marvellous game for kids, adults and pets! why not? The most amazing animal game for kids with lions, gazelles, crocodiles, flamingos, zebras and many more. As if you were in a zoo (Amazing, cute and wild zoo!)

An adventure game where you have to use your skills to resolve the diferents platforms puzzles of the safari, don’t let them take them to the zoo! In this game you should move your phone to pass the diferent levels with animals marbles who need your help to know all the safari

In this game could play everybody, boys, girls, adults, don’t care how old are you… if you love the animals and pets you will love our chubby animals


– More than 30 levels
– Turn your phone to move the animals
– Spears
– Sprints
– Sharp cacti
– Holes
– Moving platforms
– Jumping craters
– Safari day and night
– Diferent maps

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