Magica Arena

Magica Arena is a casual idle role-playing mobile game. The story takes place in an exotic magical world which has been thrown into chaos by terrifying monsters and powerful enemies. Collect and summon your idle heroes, find and grab legendary items, control the battle with your fingertips and become the conqueror of war!
Magica Arena is home to a large variety of races, six of which are playable: Red Lotus Empire, Arctic Union, Seven Seas Federation, Wolfheart Tribe, The Shadows and Goddess Sect. Each race has a selection of unique racial traits. You can summon six classes of heroes (Warrior, Mage, Priest, Knight, Archer, Assassin) from each of those races, and there will be dozens of combinations for you to assemble your deck. You will get bonus buffs with certain deck setup. Plenty of resources and awards are waiting for you after challenging multiple adventure events and dungeons. What is more, the game is progressing in minimal with the auto-fight and loot system, therefore you can enjoy hours of non-committal fun by just a few clicks.
There are five main play modes: Arena, Endless mode, The dungeons, Guild system and Bounty quests. Different types of items will be given a quality rating. From low to high there are five levels of quality: Non-set, Savant, Warrior, Royal, Immortal, Death, Classical, Frost, Burning dragon and Red Lotus. They will be auto-looted and equipped while the game is progressing by itself. Moreover, you can upgrade your heroes by earning resources even you are offline! Come and join Magica Arena today and start ruling the land!

[Game Feature]
Gathering resources while offline
Dozens of skills and abilities to acquire
Auto-collect and loot
6 races and 6 classes to choose from
Huge items drop table
Seasonal Arena and Guild war PvP
FREE Daily bonus rewards

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