Vrindavan’s most daring gopi – Little Radha is ready to roll into your mobile devices and win your hearts! She is the dearest friend of Little Krishna and always comes to his aide to protect the beautiful city of Vrindavan and its people from all sorts of dangers.

Putana – The notorious demoness who means only harm to the innocent kids of Vrindavan is on the loose. Join Little Radha on her quest to stop Putana and protect her people while Little Krishna is off to fight other battles.

Follow Little Radha while she chases Putana across beautiful temples and picturesque locations of Vrindavan, and brings her to justice for her evil deeds. Enjoy an amazing Gameplay Experience and challenges that this adventurous game has to offer and have loads of fun.

Avoid raging bulls, angry elephants, hot lava streams, and more in this endless runner game. Participate in daily challenges and earn extra rewards. While you’re up to the usual fun and frolics, protect Vrindavan with the help of magical power-ups. Brawl with Putana in the Forest Caves and teach her a lesson in challenging BOSS FIGHTS.

Pre-Register Now for a chance to get Early Access to Little Radha Run. Brace yourselves to hop in for the adventure of a lifetime and let the chase begin!


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