Land of Glory

Dear rulers,welcome to the Land of Glory!

Land of Glory is a strategy mobile game which gives you a chance to expand your kingdom’s territory on the map, build your own army and fight in the greatest wars men have ever seen!
Enter the world of Land of Glory and enjoy the epic free fantasy adventure!

Game Features
Choose a unique civilization and build your own kingdom.
Each kingdom has its own architecture, unique units, and advantages.
Enlarge your empire across the map and advance your culture!
Create empires and explore the world map full of enemies and magical adventures!

Set your own unique strategy to attack enemies and defend your kingdom.
Epic Heroes to join the game – ally with Greek gods,Cleopatra,Caesar the Great,Emperor Qin Shihuang and so on.
Each Epic Heroes has a special characteristic. Choose and develop your Heroes to win the war!

Alliance System allows players to help each other and defend against enemies.
Alliances can help you expand territory for more resources and rewards?
Fight alongside your alliance to take control of this vast kingdom!

Raise a great army and train the soldiers to be more powerful in this strategy RPG.
Clash with other players and use superior tactics to win in a MMO strategy battle royale.
Rise to the top! You and your civilization will be engraved in your kingdom’s history!


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