Knights of Pen and Paper 3

Thought we’d run out of pixels, didn’t you?
The knights are back for round 3 and this time with even nerdier jokes!

In a world of magic and monsters. Of light and shadow. Pen and paper. The knights have returned to raid dungeons, punch dragons and roll dice! [The crowd goes wild]. Knights of Pen and Paper 3 is a free turn-based RPG set in a 16-bit world of endless adventures, absurd quests, ridiculous bosses and ‘hilarious’ memes.

Create and level-up a party of customized heroes and take them online in brutal pixel vs pixel (we call that PvP ?).

Forget the Friends reunion! The best thing about the 90s were the pixel-art graphics. We’ve combined retro graphics with modern effects to give a unique visual style that will take you back to the good old days of the 16-bit era. We’re going back to the future!

Key features

Embark on thrilling tabletop style adventures
– Knights of Pen and Paper 3 recreates the magic of classic tabletop role playing games but don’t worry, it doesn’t come with a massive rulebook!
– Raid scary looking dungeons in a battle for your very soul! Ok, it’s probably not that serious but we’re trying to sell it to you.
– All the fun of real-life role playing but without the need to find paper and a working pen.

Destroy your opponents in PvP multiplayer
– You’ve defeated the AI and now it’s time for the action to get serious in brand-new PvP.
– Show off your party of legends and become the world’s greatest dice roller.
– Who will be the hunter and who will be the prey?

Discover unique quests
– Many side quests are randomly generated so you’ll be able to experience endless content. You’ll never need to download another game!
– Found a noteworthy quest on your travels? Share it with your friends and let them enjoy the magic too!
– Brawl with terrifying monsters and collect their loot to turn your party of weaklings into RPG stars.

Create customized characters
– Build your party of heroes and level them up to infinity and beyond with more options than you can shake a d20 at.
– Combine different skills, classes and talents to make your characters unique.
– Rocker warrior, roller girl technomancer and fisherman cleric are some of the roles available to you in the game.

Craft epic gear, do more damage
– Craft legendary items, kit out your party with the best gear and roll massive numbers in classic RPG style.
– Show that dragon who’s boss with your pointiest sword and roundest helmet.

Enjoy light-hearted humor and meta gags
– Revel in ‘hilarious’ RPG in-jokes that the series has become famed for.
– Discover new quests based on pop culture events and silly memes.

Wow your friends on social media
– Funny or memorable in-game moments worthy of sharing can be easily posted to your social media channels.
– You will be a hero to your followers after your latest boss triumph!

Don’t be idle! Download Knights of Pen and Paper 3 for free, grab a soda and begin your turn-based adventure today.


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