King of Dragons : The Last Knights

Experience the flashy action and strategy of the unique heroes of the King of Dragons : The Last Knights

■ Brief explanation

`King of Dragons : The Last Knights` is a game that expresses the battle of heroes of Three Kingdoms beyond time and space in a dynamic and gorgeous way. In addition to the fun of collecting and nurturing characters, strategic battles are available through combining `Warlord Trait` and `Tactic` and various `set skills` by character combinations. Mission modes allow you to experience interesting scenarios, and you can also enjoy one-on-one hero battles and raids of bosses. This game is a collective turn-based RPG with various PvE and PvP contents.

■ Main features

▷A flashy FULL 3D cinematic story and skill production!
An abundant and delicious story that FULL 3D heroes can show!
See the various skills of the dynamic and brilliant Three Kingdoms warlords!

▷Turn-based action RPG that allows you to enjoy strategy and highly unique heroes of the Three Kingdoms
More than 110 different heroes with various skills!
Experience `thinking battles` through character combinations, `Warlord Trait`, and `Tactic`!

▷Aim for the top! Fierce “Hero Match”
Confront other heroes with the aim of becoming the top
Let`s challenge the real-time heroes battle to compete with various users!

▷Huge boss raids with the allies!
Summon the powerful bosses of `King of Dragons`!
Summon bosses with allied members and try to defeat them together with cooperation and strategy!

▷Defeat the Underworld and its giant boss “Nether God”!
Competitive battles to defeat “Nether God” who appears every weekend
Who is the first place in this week`s raid?


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