KangaZoo: Wildlife Rescue

Let KangaZoo take you on an unforgettable wildlife adventure across Australia. Explore the outback, wetlands, and iconic landscapes of Australia to rescue adorable animals and build a world-renowned wildlife sanctuary. KangaZoo promotes the beauty and diversity of Australian wildlife!

You are an Australian park ranger in training, your job is to explore the great outdoors to rescue injured native animals and discover local flora. Nurture and care for the animals, manage their happiness and health by taking the time to understand their needs. It’s up to you to use your newfound knowledge to construct the perfect habitat for their rehabilitation. Build your own, unique wildlife sanctuary where you nurse all the animals back to full health and once they are healthy, you release them back into the wild.

Rescue, rehabilitate and release animals to upgrade your ranger license to gain access to new states and national parks across Australia, unlocking a whole new world of native flora and fauna.

Go on a true-blue wildlife adventure packed with native mammals, marsupials, reptiles, birds, and plants to discover along the way!



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