Iron Shelter

A mysterious peak lays at the center of the Automech Sanctuary world. The ancestors once used the unique crystal from the peak, the Stone of Mother, to create a prosperous civilization; but the excessive absorption of energy overwhelmed the crystal, resulting in an energy explosion. Now, the Stone of Mother had shattered into countless shards and has scattered throughout the underground of this continent.

Now, recruit a variety of distinctive mecha-heroes, to build the dream team to search for crystal shards.

★Hero system★
In the world of Automech Sanctuary, hundreds of heroes are waiting for you to summon, even Athena, Morgana, Loki will show up in your team!

★Gaining heroes★
Fair hero summon probabilities, never struggle with not summoning your most desired heroes.
Still didn’t get your favorite hero in the Summoning Altar? Exchange heroes you don’t like for other heroes, you can even choose the race. Unlimited exchange times! Only in Automech Sanctuary!

★Gear system★
The abundant gear system insures numerous gears for every hero, different gears have different attributes, heroes’ skills will be affected by the gears equipped.

Dungeon will open gradually through challenges, tons of gears and resources are available in Dungeon. Equip you heroes with the suitable gears can help them to fight more effectively.

How would you pick the direction in a maze? What if your choice affects the destiny of your team? The maze has every possibility, your team can either obtain numerous treasures or you might put them in dangerous situation. Choose your way carefully!


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