Into The Dusk: Reborn

Meet the people of the world
5 Classes & 4 Chapters in 3 Difficulty levels
Multiple PvE & PvP modes
Global rank & seasonal arena

Have you ever played a roguelike RPG and thought: You know what would be fun?

Into the Dusk is a pixel art styled role-playing game developed by Galegames. Mixing the depth of its detailed and lively gameworld with fast-paced, chaotic gameplay. It takes place within a land of the twilight fulfilled with stories and mysteries.

Into the Dusk comes with a lot of whole new features, making it a quite unique pixel art role-playing game. It plays similar to incremental games with more selections and possibilities. Basically, you quest, slay monsters, dive dungeons, upgrade gears, summon heroes, obtain keys, go on hunts, collect collectible items, and all sorts of findable whatnot, it’s more about game mechanics.

You just need to find out what works well together and make your own playstyle!

Hey adventurer, we know you have a lot to share and want to give us your brilliant ideas.
Here’s are the ways that could help you find us.
Facebook: Into the Dusk

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