Into the Darkness – match 3 Alice’s story

Discover the spellbinding match-3 game Into the Darkness and see the tale unfold of a young girl named Alice who is lost in a cursed forest after finding a doll at its edge. Not knowing the danger, the girl decided to play with the doll, wandering deeper and deeper into the twilit woods. Take Alice by the hand and journey with her in this thrilling match 3 puzzle game. Along the way, you will face great challenges and dangers, as the forest is full of mysteries and secrets, as well as difficult brain teasers. The young lady is in dire need of help to complete these magical quests. So onward, friend! Take on the exciting challenge of a journey through this mystical wood!

Into the Darkness Features:

– unique gameplay with all kinds of match3 combinations to create;

– hundreds of mind-bending levels, each of which can be played any number of times, no matter how well you do;

– an enormous cast of characters, each with their own unique history to help you solve the mysteries of this eerie forest;

– precious stones, crystals, and magic runes will help you complete each story;

– a three-in-a-row mechanic that differs from the classic match three game because of the magic medallion, which introduces all kinds of combinations of approaches into the game;

– every level has a static structure allowing players to devise new strategies for each level;

– animations, cutscenes, videos that have been dubbed by real actors as well as unique soundtracks and sound effects. These animations help you immerse yourself in the story and get to know the heroes;

– puzzle levels: most of the levels of our game can only be beaten if you make the right moves at the start. In other words, you’ve got to figure out the way things work and rationally deduce how to place the runes on the field. Otherwise, the level will be much more difficult. We are sure when players are low on lives, they will appreciate the tactical strategy aspect of this match 3 game;

And Into the Darkness is for all ages, from school-aged children to adults and everyone in between. Good luck puzzle-solving!

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