Infinity Kingdom

In this fantasy world, the dwarves came with their army of machines, hoping to invade the Divine Zone and plunder the World’s Heart. Now it’s up to you to assemble an ultimate team of powerful Spirits from different civilizations and epic dragons to fight with the dwarves! A new era is about to begin! Would you able to repel dwarves and bring peace back to your lands?

Expand your kingdom’s territory – Territory is a special feature in the game: the piece of land on the World Map will be colored after being captured. Each kingdom has a different color. This will visualize players’ progress in the game, allow you to see the expansion of your kingdom. Will you wage epic wars and conquer the entire world? Mapping the world with your territory color!

Fighter? Farmer? Trader? Or…a spy! – It all depends on you, be an ambitious schemer, attacking around and plunder resources to grow, be a friend to everyone, mainly growing from trading, gathering, and the help of your allies, or be a spy, running around in enemy’s clan, offering information to your true alliance… It is your story that is truly happening in this world!

Summon 50+ Spirits from different civilizations – There are more than 50 powerful Spirits from different civilizations ready to help humanity. The Sage Council grants you the supreme right to summon the spirit, summon them at the Hall of Spirits with the help of Philosopher’s Stone, obtain their magical capabilities and physical bodies, they are ready to fight for you to against Dwarves, save the world…or complete a PVE campaign!

Raise your epic dragons – Raising a dragon is not easy – not to mention raising six dragons! Are you excited to claim a dragon egg of your own, hatch it and watch it grow? Every dragon has a unique buff for battle, just pick one attribute you prefer and grow it. Teach them well and they will turn into fierce fighters!

Assemble your perfect team – Along with powerful Spirits and epic dragons, you must assemble various perfect teams for battles, explore, gather…and defend your city from the attack of enemies! Don’t forget that troops must be allocated with enough soldiers. Fighting alone equals suicide!

Retrospect and challenge famous battles – The Well of Time is open now! Retrospect and challenge the famous battles in history to test your troops. In this RPG style campaign, defeat the Dwarf Army you encountered, and gain rewards. After every Victory, you will pass a Key Checkpoint, and the area will be colored by your kingdom.

Forge alliances and fight with allies – Lack of materials and resources? Alliances help! Being assaulted? Call your allies! Forge or join an alliance, ride into war against enemies as Dwarves or other kingdoms!

Various ways to enhance your Spirits – Enhance Spirits in your customized way! It is fun to find out highlights of each Spirits, and enhance them via your perspective and strategies!

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