Infinite Magicraid

★The Gods fell, and the humans rose up. Evil power is spreading in Sword Harbor…★
Dear adventure, welcome to the Land of Loess. At present, the Early Access server has been launched!
On this continent, you can collect heroes, develop equipment, challenge levels, and constantly break through your own upper limit.
Summon the strongest companions, awaken the dormant force. Go save the divided Loess!

★The features of the game:★
– A Turn-based 3D RPG with a refreshing and immersive battle experience
– 130+ unique heroes from 10 factions to collect, develop and team-up
– Idle gameplay, escape from grindings, enjoy the pure strategy
– Rich hero development system
– Hundreds of equipment at your pick
– Immersive strategy battle
– Endless PVE and GVG Challenges, improve your combat power
– Explore intriguing stories, and reveal evil secrets
– Over 300 heroes to be released in succession

Hope you have a pleasant gaming experience. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us in the following ways. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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