Infinite Lagrange

“Because it’s there.” A resounding answer given by English mountaineer George Mallory, when asked about the reason of attempting to conquer the Everest, the highest peak the Earth has to offer. Years later, when the great pioneers traverse into uncharted galaxies through one-way stargates, they are driven by the very same motto: “Because it’s there.”
Humanity has extended its presence to one-third of the Milky Way, and build in the process a gigantic transportation network, which they proudly named the Lagrange System. However, there is rivalry between different forces among themselves, striking to make their own way in the world. They ALL want the Lagrange system under their control.
You, emerging as the leader of one of the forces, find yourself in a world full of challenges and opportunities. You’ve decided to build a fleet and pioneer into the space unknown. What lies ahead of your journey may be war and sabotage. Are you resourceful and determined enough to make it out there and achieve something unprecedented? We’re about to find out.

【Conquering the Galaxy】
Every galaxy is represented in a huge strategic map that marks every star, planet, satellite, asteroid belt, war remains, space fortress, and city. The massive fleet under your command is ready to jump into the battle and lay waste to planets and cities, if need be. The informative map will assist you in your endeavor to conquer the galaxy. Are you ready to lead your people to glory with your wisdom and courage?
【Realistic Space Battles】
The toll of a space battle can be tremendous. A well-planned ambush can do a lot of damage to the enemy fleet with little cost to yours. If you’re not in the mood to be on the offensive, guarding major thoroughfares can thwart the enemy’s ill-advised encroachment. Should a collision be inevitable, a battle that size could annihilate anything that moves within hundreds of miles’ radius. It’s thrilling to command the battle with a close view from all angles, and the 3D graphics rival any blockbusters. Only this time, you’re in the driver’s seat.
【Boundless Ship Combos】
Spore Fighter, Ceres Destroyer, New Constantine the Great Battlecruiser, Solar Whale Carrier…… With a myriad of ships and aircraft available, there’s really no saying about what kind of fleet you might put together with your unwearying ingenuity. You may even modify and upgrade the weapon system on every single ship, if you ever want to tap into your creative side. It’s up to you to bring out the fleet’s full potential.
【Venture Deep into Uncharted Space】
The meager outlook from the windows of your base is yours to enjoy. But beyond that, is a vast uncharted space that piques your curiosity. When your fleet goes off into the dark frontiers, you’re stepping into a place where the law of the jungle applies and endless possibilities reside. Will you like what you’ll find behind the curtain?
【You Will Need Allies】
The way things go down here is not that different from the real world, where conflict and collaboration happen every day. The choice is yours to either join or form an alliance with players across the world. Together you may leave your marks in every corner of the galaxy. Prosperity calls for some diplomacy. How can one get bored in a dynamic world full of friends and foes?

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