Idle Saga

Welcome to Idle Saga,
This is an idle mobile game about the oriental immortal practice. We hope to present the world of immortals in a vivid and interesting way to provide a brand new experience to our players.
Expel demons, attain immortality and defy all the odds. How are you, an ordinary being, going to write this immortal legend of yours?
Here you can build your abode.
Here you can set up magic array to improve your aptitude.
Here you can keep practicing to level up your state.
Here you can join various sects to learn secret skills.
Here you can concoct elixir, craft weapon and practice Taoist Magic.
Here you can breakthrough the limit of mortals and attain immortality.
Here you can find your lifetime partner, vanquish the demons and amass a fortune.
You are cordially invited to embark on this extraordinary journey with us.

[Game Feature]
1.From Ordinary to Immortal
The road to immortality is long, can you endure the loneliness over thousands of years, overcome the obstacles along the way, see the truth of this world and attain immortality eventually?
2.Wise Use of Resource Leads You to Immortality
Subdue demons, collect herbs and gems and travel through the world, can you concoct elixir and craft ultimate weapon successfully?
3.Is it a Coincidence or Fate?
Those who master the occult attain the immortality. Can you seize every opportunity and meet the right people that can lead you to the success?
4.Immortal Heart, Eternal Love
To attain immortality, they must go through innumerable trials and hardships. The cost of profound attainment is the same degree of loneliness. Can you find the one you can spend the rest of your life with?
5.Justice Upholder, Fate Defier
A practitioner of Tao should uphold the justice and subdue the evils, just for their lofty aspiration. They should fight against the odds and never surrender to fate. Being a demon or immortal, you have the final say.

But now, a war is impending. The emergence of Divine Beast Valley has made the war become even more unpredictable. Amid this turmoil, who can rule over their destiny?
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