Idle Eternal Soul – Auto, Clicker, AFK, RPG

Idle Eternal Soul is the best incremental click RPG with a dark fantasy concept.

Raid the infinite dungeons and power up your hero by collecting legendary weapons!

▣ Convenient Idle System
– Idle Eternal Soul is the easiest idle RPG game!
– It’s your choice to AFK or Tap to control with your finger!
– No more painful grinding! You can sit back and your Soul Hunters will reap the benefits!

▣ Easy to Play
– Whether you are an experienced gamer or not, you’ll be able to have fun with the game right off the bat!
– Idle Eternal Soul is an easy idle/clicker game with a background of a dark fantasy world and an epic adventure.
– Just tap to start Idle Eternal Soul!

▣ Limitless, Quick, and Easy progression
– Only some tapper mechanics. Let your Soul Hunters fight for you!
– Your Soul Hunter’s progress is infinite! No boring level caps!
– Auto-farm in dungeons for an endless flow of item rewards! The game that keeps on giving!

▣ The Collection RPG with Infinite Farming
– Are you a fan of collecting items?
– Collect various epic weapons!
– Unlock powerful weapons to upgrade your heroes!
– Raid the darkest dungeon and get massive rewards!

▣ Power Up Your Hero
– Every Soul Hunter is unique! Create your own build!
– Power up your heroes by defeating fierce monsters and bosses in the Dungeon!

▣ Intense PVP Action
– Test the power of your Soul Hunter by challenging other players in the Arena!
– Fight at the PVP Arena to reach the top of the ladder and get rich rewards!!
Build your own team and enjoy endless fights in the PVP Arena!


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