Idle Dungeon RPG

With the classic dungeon RPG gameplay, Idle Dungeon RPG employs 24-hour BOT system to help players loot tons of experience and drops even they are AFK. Players can enjoy more fun than traditional RPG.

Classic RPG With Popular Gameplay
Players can enjoy the traditional dungeon RPG gameplay in Idle Dungeon RPG. Meanwhile, the BOT System brings the character more experience, treasure and item drops even the player is not online. 
Magic Box system makes ensure that each piece of equipment is usefull. Players can experience a sense of accomplishment of burning brain with countless equipments. 

Heroes Appearance System
Heroes appearance varies while the equipment gets changed. Collect powerful equipment and stand out in the arena. 

Massive Gameplay Systems
Idle Dungeon RPG contains abundant & fun systems of gameplay, including BOT, PVP, Dungeon Exploration, Holy Stone, Equipment, Cow Level, Rainbow Level, etc. Players can enjoy enough game content via these systems. 

Various Combinations,Countless Strategies
Heroes of different races, multiple ways of development, thousands of equipments, skill system and holy stone system, they make each battle team unique.

Guild System, Be in Top Globally
Players from all over the world join in the same server, you can battle and cooperate with worldwide players in game.



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