Hot Potato: Epic Arena

“You ready to show your friends who is the Snapchat Bitmoji boss!? Push them around in this fresh new free fall PvP battle royale game to become the champion! Play now and become the best!

Fight against tons of other player and knock them out of this world to become #1! Do you have what it take? Show us and your friend your skill and play now! Link you Snapchat Bitmoji account and play as yourself!

How to play:

Connect to you snapchat account and add your Bitmoji(if you want)!

Get rid of the water balloon before the timer goes off and explodes! Once you do that you will have another round to knock others off the map! Try not to stumble guys and free fall into the water!

Dodge the other people or water balloons! Careful not to free fall down and get knocked off!

When you’re done winning and wanna brag, why not show your friends you’re the winner on Snapchat with your Bitmoji!

That is right! Keep those bad guys away! You must LIVE! Push someone else and RUN AWAY from the stumble guys and survive!

This game will test your SMOOTH MOVES! Dodge get away from the water and make it to the end! Then YOU WILL BE THE WINNER! Beat everyone else in the WORLD! And become victorious! But are you the best Snapchat Bitmoji? Come play now and find out!

If you have the crash into someone else and get them off the platform or hit them with a water balloon they might free fall into the water! Oh and there’s more games! Then don’t get hit again! Crash into someone else but watch out for the stumble guys! Survive from the stumble guys to the end of the game and win! BECOME WORLD CHAMPION! Or the Snapchat Bitmoji boss!

Super wet water!
Snapchat Bitmoji connect!
Massive multiplayer!
Cool Hats!

Who is this game for?

People that love to play with their Snapchat Bitmoji characters!

People that love to play massive multiplayer games online with or against their friends!

If you love to free fall and play in the water come and join, just watch out for the stumble guys going up and down the stair run games trying to get you wet!


Run away from the stumble guys and survive!

Maybe your Snapchat Bitmoji will be so popular that they don’t want to hunt you down! LOL

Trick other players and stumble guys into falling into doing a free fall into the water!

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