Horse 2: Pony Park

Train your horses to become successful tournament winners in your riding stables game! You get promising animals for your stables and train them in this horse racing game. When you are ready for your first competition, you can also provide them with the perfect horse styling and let them take part in the race. Afterwards your horses can walk around in the paddock and you can take care of them.

Who has the best horse in his/her stables?
In this free horse game you are responsible for the well-being and the tournament success of your horses. You take care of them by using grooming brushes and hoof picks; you feed and supply them with water.

You plant hay and oats for your animals on your own fields in Pony Park. You can produce all items for the horse caretaking game at a production site.
You pair up your best racing horses to breed foals at the stud station. Amongst others you can choose from these horse breeds:
? Andalusian
? Shetland ponies
? Frisian
? Lipizzaner
? Hanoverian horse
? diverse hot- and cold-blooded breeds as well as thoroughbreds and many more

Breed and train the next tournament champion!
By using the different training buildings of the horse game you will improve the diverse strengths of your horses. Depending on their individual breed they are suitable for certain riding disciplines:

? Gallop racing
? Trotting
? Show jumping
? Dressage

Register your horses for prestigious show jumping or dressage competitions and provide them with a speed boost by using the speed button.

However, not only the athletic talent is important for this horse racing-game: You also prepare your animals for the competitions by applying a special horse-styling. Equip them with an elegant tournament hairstyle for mane, tail and fur!

Pony Park is an absolute must have if you desire a free horse riding game for your smartphone. Download the horse riding gamePony Park now!

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