– Intuitive linking gameplay: moving and attacking with the same color box gameplay
– Siege to break the enemy to play: hero led the beast beside siege attack the enemy get refreshed feedback
– Hero training is as strong as you: Train your hero with many skills and strengthen the fuss to get through.
– Summon and collect adorable beasts: 100 or more summoned beasts for gamers to collect and cultivateCOLLAPSE


– New Areas: 10 new areas with stronger, high-level enemies. They even can cast skills!
– More Beasts: Added more than 300 Beasts with new skills and evolution!
– More Stars: Some unique beasts can evolve to 6 stars!
– New Runes: More types of runes dropped from the stages. Some runes will have more than one attributes.
– New levels in Planar Gate: The stages in Planar Gate will open new “Hard” and “Hardcore” levels. The more difficult, the b better rewards!

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