Hero Glory: Descending World

Hero Glory: Descending World is a brand new turn strategy RPG mobile game. Many classical epic heroes including Prince Arthur will present this ancient magic space, and you will be the one with the most development potential.

The legend of the dark age, yes, is the age of dragons, knights, wizards, monsters and demons, and you are the hero who fights for justice.

You can summon hundreds of heroes and pets of different shapes, equip them with various attributes, and have a new experience of combining magic skills. The game not only has a powerful game chapter plot and task system, but also has dazzling game skill experience and unforgettable PVP real person duel. This is a real dark legend magic RPG adventure game.

Game features

Guild mode, you can join or create a guild, then challenge all kinds of guild copy monsters, obtain unique resources and advanced equipment of the guild, and fight with the Dragon monsters with guild teammates.

Cultivation mode: character equipment enhancement, smelting, recasting, suit attributes and self-contained skills give you more choices. The summoned magic hero and pet not only have the diversity of equipment, but also the multiple choices of growth attributes and skin.

Combat mode, dazzling skills and mutual restraint attributes make the game more interesting. Timely assistance and large-scale 30 heroes battle with a maximum of 15v15 and Counter Strike make the battle particularly fierce.

Game content and background

The world in the dark age is dominated by castles, wizards, the ring, soul knights, dragons and demons. The gloomy dungeons and endless fireworks, the roar from hell, are the eternal symbols of the Black Sea.

Waiting for only the dawn, is your courage, your strategy, and fighting friendship, you are the legend.

Hidden organs and treasures are opportunities to bring surprises, while cunning opponents are tests of your fearless spirit.

In addition to the plot experience and a large number of legendary hero pets, you can also participate in various activities, obtain various hero fragments and rare gem resources, and grow rapidly, even become Harry Potter.

Come on, join us, fight to save this dark world! Even adventure, even sacrifice, the world will remember your name!



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