Hero Circle Run

Run in this animation world with characters from the TV animation ‘Hero Circle’
What will happen to these heroes in the game world?
Experience each hero’s unique ability!

#1. Easy and fun controls
Run with just 2 buttons! Jump and dash!
Avoid obstacles and jump over holes to survive the longest!

#2. Experience each hero’s unique ability
Use the ability of characters from the Hero Circle animation!
Meet 20 and more unique characters from the animation

#3. Collect materials to power up heroes
Craft items that are exclusive to each heroes!
Decorate the Circle Room for heroes!

#4. Become a Hero Circle member!
Join a circle and play with members!
Participate in the Circle Match with users from around the world!

#5. Various game modes!
Infinite booster! Feel the speed at speed match mode
No one comes in front of me! Use items to take care of enemies at item match mode
Cooperate with teammates at team match mode
Survive the longest in various modes to be first place!

#6. Compete with users from around the world
Play the game and raise your rank!
Get rewards to meet even more heroes!

contact us : contact@drakemount.kr



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