Gridpunk – 1v1 Cyberpunk Arena Rivals

If you’re a competitive player, this is the cyberpunk game you’ll love!

Use tons of crazy weapons, gadgets and abilities from the cyberpunk universe and master them to become a warrior to be feared.

Gridpunk: Cyberpunk Rivals requires fast reaction times and SKILL. You can play it online with players world-wide or locally with your friends.
Lay down your rivals and rank higher in the leaderboards, to unlock new gear and upgrades.

You’ll need to pick the right loadout in order to defeat your rivals. The weapons and the abilities are the centerpiece of Gridpunk: Cyberpunk Rivals.
You’ll have five categories to pick from:
•  Main weapons: use them to inflict damage on your rivals. Ex: Shotgun and Rocket Launcher.
•  Blockers: deflect and block incoming damage. Ex: Cyberpunk samurai sword and Energy shield.
•  Gadgets: cyberpunk robots with surprising abilities: Ex: Killer Drone and Spider Bot.
•  Movement abilities: enable you better to control the neon grid. Ex: Teleport and Speed.
•  Neon grid abilities: once charged, give you a critical advantage over your rivals. Ex: Heal and Wave.
Learn to combine them in smart ways and create combos.

The isometric arena, the control scheme and the autoaim allow you to focus on switching between abilities during the battle and give you some unique challenges.
My brother and I created Gridpunk: Cyberpunk Rivals out of passion, with the purpose of having fun.

We love the cyberpunk movies and the neon streets of Tokyo, hence we tried to bring the city noir atmosphere to mobile devices.
You’ll find various cyberpunk culture references in our game, from character types, locations and weapon names.

In this cyberpunk arena controlling the neon grid allows you to gain advantage over your rivals. All the games modes are linked to the neon grid. So you’ll need to do a bit of map control as well.
The characters you can pick are classic cyberpunk classes like: Netrunner or Rockerboy. And they have a cool neon looking suit. Yes, yes we know… neon everywhere… in the end that’s what cyberpunk aesthetics is all about. ?

You’ll fight against rivals that match your skill. Defeat them and you’ll rank higher in the leaderboard and unlock awesome cyberpunk weapons.
You can also play against your friends, show off you best loadout and test new strategies and combos.
We hope you’ll enjoy Gridpunk: Cyberpunk Rivals. Please send us feedback and be gentle as the game is in development and we are just 2 guys.

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