Golondaaj Official Movie Game

Golondaaj – Score Football Game is one of those exciting and addictive mini football goal hero games that will keep you engaged for hours!

It is also a feat for the film as it’s the very first Bengali movie to have a game being inspired from it. Game revolves around the journey of Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari, fondly known as the ‘Father of Indian Football’. Leading the way like a true warrior and team-player on the field, one gets to experience victory and jubilation at its very best right from the start to the end in the game.

Be the new football hero, draw line and goal. We have brought you one of the top soccer games where you get to play more than 50 levels. In each level, you must dodge the goalkeeper, draw a line to the goalpost and score. This kicker football game will take you through the real-life enjoyment that you get while defeating the other team. This is a hero soccer game that allows you to be the real score hero. If you are looking for arcade football soccer hero games or soccer battle to play in your leisure moment, then trying this score game will be worth it. The fantastic graphical work of this score football, amazing sound and the incredible gameplay will keep you busy for hours.

The Gameplay
The gameplay of this football score hero is easy, simple yet challenging. If you love playing first touch games, then this football game is going to be very delightful for you. You will have to draw a line from the player’s foot to the goalpost. Make sure that the goalkeeper doesn’t catch the football or you will have to restart the game. This football strike game lets you play more than 50 levels and you can also see the list of the footballers. Play with the best Indian soccer team, score high and be the ultimate hero.

Each level comes with new challenges. You will have to pass the football sometimes to the next player and then draw the line to score. The more you play this fantastic mini football, the more it becomes interesting and challenging. Whether you are looking for a draw line soccer game or touch soccer to spend your time in fun, try this score online game anytime. This score football game is also free and offline. Download the game from the play store and show your skills to the whole world.

Key Features:

Fun Gameplay
Become a goal hero playing this Golondaaj- Score Football Game. The gameplay is simple, easy and fun. You don’t have to go through any complicated settings while playing our hero score game. Install the game from the play store, select the level and start playing amazing football. Keep playing to unleash new levels in front of you. Each level comes with new surprises. Show your killer pass, score and win the ultimate football. The amazing animation will keep you on your toes for hours.

For Adults & Kids

We have designed this match score game for everyone regardless of their age or gender. If you love playing soccer touch games or soccer stars online games, then install our football game and enjoy. And if you are searching for football games for your kids or soccer battle games for yourself, this score game online is here to help.

We bring you one of the top soccer games that will make your moments much more enjoyable. Whether you want to have a soccer battle with your friends or play an interesting football match with your kids, this score football is here to accompany you whenever you want. Have your own Indian football team, play and score high and be the ultimate goal hero. Play over 50 levels of this football game, score in each level and defeat the British in their own Game.

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