Gloom Busters

Help the adorable Lumies restore color back to their gloomy world through fun match 3 gameplay! Collect all kinds of cute Lumies, play addicting match 3 puzzles, and earn paintbrushes to bring vibrant color back to the world!

? Collect & Power Up Cute Lumies ?
● Collect all types of adorable Lumies including fuzzy animals, flowers and more!
● Bring your favorite Lumi to your match game and power up its special ability to win levels faster!
● Increase your Lumi’s star ranking which adds bonus turns to your turn count!
● Lumies are on teams and have a shared team ability you can use to your advantage in match 3.

?Match 3 Puzzles?
● Match 3 levels provide tons of challenging and exciting gameplay.
● Create a variety of zany power-ups, like the heat-seeking chicken bomb!
● Merge any two power-ups to make game-changing bonus powers with “Fusions!”

?️Coloring Gameplay – Restore Color to the World?️
● The world is covered by a dark gray gloom, and only you can help bring color back!
● Win levels and earn paintbrushes to rescue Gloomies and restore color!
● Unlock new areas to color as you bring the world back to its former colorful glory!
● Customization lets you build, paint and style special objects!

Join your new Lumi friends and play for free! Download Gloom Busters today!

Gloom Busters is completely free to install and play. However, some game items can be purchased for real money.

If you need a little help with your Lumi friends, contact our support team at

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