Globematcher Feat. tokidoki x Hello Kitty

Globematcher feat. tokidoki x Hello Kitty puzzle game is here with unique gameplay and endless fun.

Just install this multiplayer puzzle game and enjoy the real fun of blasting the toon. You can enjoy this dice matching game with your best friends by connecting with them by Facebook or with your unique registration id.

If you are interested in playing merge games then don’t miss a chance to play this Match 3 adventure game with tokidoki x Hello Kitty; just show your match skills and become a coin earning master collecting strawberry coins.

You’ve already played multiple matching games available on App Store like Dice Matching, Pirate Master and Ultimate match 3, but this globe matcher game is one of the best jelly match games among all.

It is designed for everyone to play and to become a matching master. Blast your opponents and build your planets, gain and collect your strawberry coins and save them in the account, then play this brain puzzle game and spin to win some more.

You will enter the fantastic galaxy world full of planets with incredible characters. You will find this island game the most addictive and the most challenging puzzle game, we promise. Your lives are very important in this attach game as if you want to play advanced levels you must have all the required lives, otherwise, you will be unable to play the level. Solve puzzles to help Hello Kitty as she has to travel around the galaxy to find the unicorn.

Join the world’s biggest Galaxy adventure and have unlimited fun of Globe blast! Celebrate foggy winter with us by playing our best Hello Kitty and globe blast game on the island. I am sure once you play our cute merge game, you won’t play other coin earning master and blast the toon games: strawberry coins rule!

Many light-years ago, there was a story about some magical unicorns with exceptional powers searching for a leader to achieve the maximum evolution: “The TOKIDOKI”.

Only those who found their leaders would reach maximum evolution.

The Unicorns have the magic of attracting the leader closest to their own energies, and the legend also says the leader would recognize his Unicorn once he met it

Play with Friends:
Invite your best friends on Facebook or by sending them your unique register id. Also, play with global players and compete against them in matching globes to win the Galaxy. Get your revenge on your opponents.

You will shop Strawberries, Gems, Spins, and Lives to play the upcoming planet of Galaxy.

Spin to Earn:
Spin the TV to test your luck, you will win Strawberries like coins, spells and amazing prizes by spinning it. Move up levels by winning Gems and lives by using this spin. Spin to win and to explore the Galaxy. In every win, you will be ready to conquer the next planet.

Interesting Features of Globematcher:

– Multiple Challenging Levels to unlock new Planets!
– Unique Gameplay and dozens of challenge obstacles!
– Unlock Booster to add something more into the fun!
– Complete levels and win awesome rewards!
– Create your team to compete with others and to rule the game
– Request some lives from your teammates to continue playing!
– Play it on your phones and tablets!
– Put a challenge to become strawberries earning master!

Don’t wait! Just download and install this Globematcher game and enjoy its unique features with your best friends.

Best of Luck!



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