Gleem Lands

Explore the Gleem Lands! Discover amazing challenges!

The strategic features behind Gleem Lands’ many different game modes are incredibly fun, intuitive, and effective, ensuring unforgettable epic battles from the 1st game!

Fans of real-time strategy and customized games will love it!

⚔️ Jump into the fight, overcome every challenge!
Find the best strategies to shine out in Gleem Lands’ many game modes and scenarios.
Build a powerful team of fighters to bring Armageddon to the battlefield!

⚔️ Compete in fiery battles!
Test your tactical skill in various challenging battlegrounds.
Group with friends and lead your clan to victory!
Climb the worldwide leaderboards, make a name in the Gleem Lands!

⚔️ Multiple Game Modes & Scenarios!
Assault, Siege, Tower Defense and more! A breath of fresh air in mobile gaming!
Each game mode includes many scenarios, with their own captivating features and unique setup.

? Assault: Tactical / Time Attack mode, be the fastest to reach the objective!
? Siege: Survival / Defense mode, protect your lands against brutal Baddies attacks!
? Tower Defense: Organize your defense and plan carefully to resist against increasing waves of Baddies!

⚔️ Unlock Dozens of Units and Spells
Discover powerful units and spells with unique abilities: dot, life leech, control, auras, aoe, buff & debuff, haste, splash, summon and many more!
Compose a hand of 6 to create super combinations!
More than 60 cards to master with their very own skills and strengths, discover them all!

⚔️ Upgrade Your Troops
Earn daily rewards and special bounties, turn your party into a powerful war machine!
Level up your troops, expand your collection, rule the battleground!

⚔️ Infinite Game Play, Absolute Fun!
Innovative game modes, tons of features for endless combinations!
A unique place where to enjoy the funniest moments!

⚔️ Progress for Free
Unlock free cards, participate in special events and earn amazing rewards while progressing through the game.

⚔️ Regular Updates
Gleem Lands’ constantly evolving game engine and active development allow us to bring crazy ideas to the community! Expect a lot of new game modes and amazing features!
Our passionate team is working hard to make Gleem Lands the best strategy game of 2020 and your most unforgettable mobile experience!

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